Friday, May 15, 2009

To Quote an Episode of Seinfeld

“There is no such thing as some grace. . . you either have grace or you don’t.”
Apparently I don’t. I desperately wish that I did.

Recently, we took the kids from church on a skating trip (and if I’m not mistaken, this was my idea). While on said trip, I was skating like Nancy Kerrigan on ice skates. . . and then Tonya Harding showed up. Oh wait, no actually I fell trying to come off the floor to get some pizza, because everyone knows you need pizza when you are in training. And when I fell, I managed to roll my ankle in such a way that I broke all three bones and dislocated it. And I knew the minute I did it that I wouldn’t get to run again for a long, long time. Ouch. I have been running for months on end now and I love it. I count down all day to the few minutes of the day that I can hit the pavement like Forrest Gump and just run. And run. And. Run. And like Nancy Kerrigan (inside my heart) I cried “Why”, “Why”, “Why??”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, then they had to cut off my favorite khaki pants. Then I had to use a bed pan. Then they wheeled me back to surgery and gave me the drugs and for a while I didn’t even care.

My friends have been incredible. They have brought more food than any one family could ever eat. They have brought me movies and magazines and watched bad T.V. with me. They have brought me sweet tea from Chik-fil-a and McDonalds. They have called me and texted me and covered all of my VBS planning duties at church. Two of my best friends have even devised a plan to get me up to my seat in the balcony at church like the friends lowering their friend through the roof to see Jesus.

God has used his people to really minister to me when I didn’t even know I needed it. See, I have a confession to make. I tend to get a little obsessed with things. I get it from my dad. We are very ALL or NOTHING people. I really struggle with this in my life because sometimes, whatever my current “thing” is, it can get in the way of the important things if I’m not real careful. Running has become one of those “things”. Because we are so busy, I will squeeze running in wherever I can, even if there is something I need to be doing instead, like I don’t know, my Bible Study maybe. This isn’t the first time in my life I have let something else get in the way of my time with God either. There has been scrapbooking, photography, friends, sewing, etc. Anyway, you get the picture. The point is whatever it is I am currently obsessed about, I do it A LOT.

That said, I don’t think God made me break my leg. I can assure you, he has already used it for my good. I have LOTS of free time for Bible Study and prayer. God has totally sent “his people” to be his hands and feet to me and my family during this time. Are there days where I want to cry from frustration that I can’t do all the things that I want to do? Yes! Are there days I want to throw large heavy objects at people out running in my neighborhood? You’d better believe it. But. . . I am trying to focus on the positives, and look to God for strength everyday. I pray that I learn everything he has to teach me through this ‘cause I have no intention lf re-learning this!

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