Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yet Another year I won't be getting Mother of the Year

A couple of years ago, there was a group meeting at my church called "Women with a Heart". The guest speaker for the inaugural meeting was set to be "The Young Mother of the Year." Please excuse me while I fall off the pew and laugh hysterically! I am sorry, but is there really someone out there who would accept that title?

This week I have had a long talk with God about all the plans that I had when I first started on this adventure. I had every intention of being patient, energetic, fun, efficient (especially efficient), pleasant, a good cook, an expert player of games, most spirited cheerleader, etc. You get the idea. Well, apparently I needed some humbling, because lately I haven't felt like any of those things. In fact I feel like my life has become a wild horse and I am no longer holding the reigns. In fact I feel like I have fallen off, but my foot is stuck in the stirrup therefore dragging me behind it and I am helpless to do anything but hold on and hope for the best. Does anyone else out there ever feel that way? Most days I am lucky if I have checked my kids backpack on the way out the door just in time to find out I was supposed to send Chocolate syrup for a sundae party. Oh well, looks like no one is having chocolate syrup on their Sundae today. Not to mention that science fair project that Kurt and I totally aced! Never thought I would do that, but who do they think does these things anyway. What happens to the kids whose parents won't or can't make 5 trips to Wal-Mart trying to find the right thermometer only to bail out on the original project at the last minute and recycle an old project making it new and improved? So much for efficiency. I had high hopes for myself, but alas, I am learning that everyday is not going to be perfect and we are not the Cleavers.

And while we're on the topic of television moms, I would like to say Carol Brady was a LOSER! That's right, a loser. She had no job, and yet she had a full time housekeeper and cook. What the heck? Why on earth did she need Alice? No wonder she was so cheerful and put together all the time!

All that to say, sadly I am sure I will never get mother of the year, but Thank God he is loving and forgiving and tells us "his Grace is sufficient" and oddly enough it seems a great relief to my kids that I am not perfect and probably never will be. I am learning that everything doesn't have to be perfect, that God's strength is perfected in my weakness and what my children are learning from that is more valuable than any expertly crafted science fair project and gourmet home-cooked meals will ever teach them.

Hope this finds you all doing great!