Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Husky Homecoming 2008

Last night we had basketball homecoming at Northfield (a little over the top I admit, but fun all the same). As fifth grade ball players, Jackson and all his buddies were recognized. They looked so cool.

Here are the boys and girls 5th grade ball players. It is so nice to see them all dressed up.

This is Cameron and his buddy Sarah Roberts who were 2nd grade class representatives. I know I am partial, but I think they looked so precious! (I would date him, if I wasn't his mother of course!)

We had a great time. I cannot believe that this will be Jackson's last year in elementary school. We will be reaching many milestones this year. It is bittersweet to see my boys growing up so quickly, but they are growing up to become such fine young men. I know that God has got great things in store for their futures. I cannot wait to see how he will use these precious gifts he has blessed us with.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Really Losing my Touch.

Well, there will be no pictures for this post because I have really become a slacker. Gone are the days where I annoy my family greatly by taking 200 pictures of every event. To be perfectly honest, I have really wanted to soak up the moments with my kids and Kurt, and therefore have come out from behind the camera, to instead enjoy memories where the mental picture may sometimes be even better than the story the picture would have told anyway.

So, here goes. . .the Northfield Huskies defeated, the unbeaten for 7 years, Woodland Park Panthers!! Go Huskies!

I know it is no secret that we are a sports loving family (which by the way many of my childhood friends find hilarious because I was not competitive and would have never sacrificed physical harm to win anything), that is, until I had two boys. I love to watch them play any sport, but our current sport is Basketball. Our school league basketball can be very competitive and as crazy as it seems sometimes we love it. I cheered for the East Sparta Broncos as a little girl and when we are getting ready to go to Jackson's games, it sometimes feels like yesterday I was pulling my hair into pigtails and putting on my knee socks and saddle oxfords to get ready for the big game. I still love it!

This week we were playing the Woodland Park Panthers (a.k.a. the evil dynasty). This school is twice the size of Northfield and every other school in the county and has been undefeated for 7 years! Jackson and his group of friends have had one goal since they started playing; beat Woodland Park. This was their year. It was the kind of moment every little boy dreams of. . . we were down by 10 points at the half. Our boys came out of the locker room hungry and ready to play. We slowly began creeping back and by the middle of the 4th quarter we were down by 1. You could sense our boys starting to get excited as they realized the momentum had swung and they were about to take the lead for the first time in the game. We took the lead and the gym was literally shaking with noise.

With 3 seconds remaining, we had a 1 point lead and a player on the free throw line. Jackson was standing at half court with a teammate and they were literally jumping up and down with excitement at what was about to happen. The final seconds ticked off the clock and our boys went wild(and maybe I did too, just a tiny little bit). It was so much fun and I can still see their little faces and all the excitement they felt. It was like a moment out of the movies they have all watched and dreamed of their whole young lives.

After the game, the boys and girls teams and cheerleaders all went to McDonalds to celebrate. I pity the people who were in there hoping for a relaxing late night supper or cup of coffee, because we took the place by storm. Jackson and his buddies were cheering so loudly you could probably hear them from wherever you are reading this. I will not need a picture to remember the image of their little faces and the sound of their voices singing "Celebration" as they enjoyed victory.

Lesson learned: Dare to Dream. . . ."for all you know tomorrow, the dream that you wish will come true."

Hope this finds you all dreaming!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please stand by. . .

We are experiencing extreme busyness, and while I have much to say, regrettably I do not have time to say it! I am eager to post some really cute pictures soon and update on all the boys have been doing.

Stand by for updates in the very near future!