Thursday, December 4, 2008

If I were on a sitcom. . .

Have you ever had one of those days. . .or months where you seriously start to wonder if your life is a pilot for a sitcom? Welll, I am having one of those months and it got me to thinking, if I were on a sitcom what would it be. I think that I would be a modern day Lucille Ball (which she can be so annoying, but always had a way of getting herself into such hilarious situations). For example, last week, while trying to take some initiative with car care (Kurt was so proud) I decided to run my car through the automatic car wash. They had added these new doors to the car wash that read "Doors open automatically." O.K. Whatever. I drive in and the car wash does its thing. The last cycle is completed and I wait. . . for the "door to open automatically". It doesn't. I pull forward and back up. Still nothing. Have I told you that I hate enclosed spaces. I seriously start to feel like I might hyperventilate. I call my friend Rachel and tell her I am stuck in the car wash and being the super supportive friend that she is, she laughs. . hysterically! Thank you Rachel. She then suggests that I blow the horn, which I do and she laughs even more. So while I continue blowing the horn Kurt calls. "Hey honey, what are you doing?" I say, "Well I am freaking out! I am stuck in the car wash and have been in here for about 5 minutes!" He laughs. So not funny. Did you hear the part where I said I am FREAKING out?

My knight in shining armor says that he will come to my rescue, but it will take him about 10 minutes to get there. I continue honking the horn. Still nothing. Where is that dang attendant? Finally, and for no apparent reason, the door lifts and I have been set free, but as you can imagine, by now I am more than a little irritated. I tell my friend Rachel (still on the phone supporting me) to start praying because I am going to find the car wash attendant and I am sure this will shock some of you, but sometimes I find it difficult to act Christ-like :) I find him standing outside next to the car wash, probably laughing his head off, tell him about my peril in the carwash, with all the sweetness I could muster, which wasn't much to which he replies, "Well, did the door finally open and let you out?"

Oh the things that ran through my head at that moment, "No, I am merely a figment of your imagination" or "No, I just rammed my Tahoe through the stupid thing and here I am!" Of course it did you precious silly man. Then, he offers me a token for a free car wash for my trouble. Are you kidding me??

Oh the fun my friends and family have at my expense. At the end of the day I went to pick up my boys from school and my friend Jenny met me in the hall singing "At the Carwash".

Stay tuned for more stories of mayhem, with new tales developing daily!

Hope you have a good one!


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